CHESAPEAKE, Va. - The easement in Chesapeake, Virginia was only 10 feet wide – very narrow by Colonial standards. Unfortunately, the one tree on the property was blocking the aerial patrol’s view of the tiny strip of right of way. When Colonial’s contract inspector approached the landowner about removing the tree (often a difficult conversation), Mr. Adlawan was very cooperative. He understood the safety implications for the pipeline. But he did express concern for his dog, Ajax, because the tree provided the only shade in his yard.  Further discussion revealed that Ajax was not a pet, but was actually a working member of the Chesapeake Police Department’s bomb squad and Mr. Adlawan was actually “Officer Adlawan”.

After discussing a number of options, Colonial decided to fund the construction of a fenced dog run with a roof to keep one of “Chesapeake’s finest” comfortable. The picture shows Officer Adlawan and Ajax accepting a check from Colonial contract inspector, William Gray.

Removing trees from properties along the ROW rarely makes people happy. But, listening to landowners and trying to be responsive to their needs goes a long way in building trust. It’s the kind of action that earns Colonial a reputation as a good neighbor in the communities we serve.

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Call Before You Dig

Building a new fence or installing a swimming pool in your back yard? Is the local utility running new underground lines in your neighborhood? Be sure to call “8-1-1” before you dig near a pipeline right of way to prevent accidents and ensure safety.

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