Affiliates & Joint Venture Partners

Bengal Pipeline Company, LLC

Bengal Pipeline Company LLC (Bengal) is a joint venture between Colonial Pipeline Company and Shell Midstream Operating LLC. Bengal is a common carrier pipeline that connects southern Louisiana refineries to the Colonial mainlines at its Baton Rouge origin point. The connections offered by Bengal help improve the capability of shippers to deliver refined petroleum products to markets across the Southern and Eastern United States.

Colonial Pipeline Terminals

Colonial Pipeline Terminals is a leading provider of terminal services in the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic regions. Our strategic locations allow us to provide throughput, storage and distribution solutions for gasoline, diesel, biodiesel and ethanol products.

Energy Logistics Solutions, LLC

Energy Logistics Solutions, LLC (ELS) provides in-tank gasoline blending services at the Baton Rouge facility of Colonial Pipeline Company. Current operations include butane and naphtha blending capabilities. ELS has pipeline, truck, and barge dock access. 

Powder Springs Logistics, LLC

Powder Springs Logistics, LLC (PSL) is a joint venture between a wholly-owned subsidiary of Colonial Pipeline Company and a subsidiary of Magellan Midstream Partners, L.P. The joint venture was formed to blend butane into gasoline products at Colonial Pipeline’s facility in Atlanta, Georgia. Magellan operates the facility. PSL’s assets include two butane spheres, a truck offloading facility, and a testing laboratory. 

Transport 4, LLC

Transport 4, LLC (T4) is an Alpharetta, Georgia-based provider of pipeline-centric logistics information in which Colonial Pipeline Company has an ownership stake. T4’s web-based application provides oil pipeline shippers 247 access to movement data, including tickets, schedules, nominations, and inventory; the application also creates a common interface and data structure for shippers. T4 works hand-in-hand with carriers and shippers to improve nominations and shipping accuracy, increase communications, and ensure accountability across all points of interaction.

Colonial utilizes the T4 web-based portal as its primary means of communication to its customers. For additional information please contact T4 at [email protected].