Colonial Pipeline provides volunteer and financial support for a broad range of organizations along the pipeline system, including first responders, environmental organizations, and other non-profits. While our first job is to move fuel safely for our customers, we believe support for local communities is an important measure of our success. 

Colonial provides support to public safety and service agencies, such as fire, police, 911, and emergency management, in the communities through which our pipeline passes. We are thankful for our first responders’ dedication to safety. Colonial sponsors firefighter training at the Williams Extreme Fire Training facility at College Station, Texas. We also assist first responders with purchases of foam, air monitors, safety, and medical equipment. 

Colonial donates a number of retired company vehicles to first responders, environmental partners, and other non-profit organizations along our pipeline. 

Veterans comprise a recognizable portion of Colonial’s workforce, and we are grateful for their service to our country. In appreciation, Colonial donates to a number of local and national veterans’ organizations. 

Colonial supports the American Red Cross for disaster relief.

Donation Policy

Colonial considers donation requests from organizations located in our service area, in particular near our right of way. These organizations should meet one of the following criteria:

  • Non-profit charities focused on education and the environment
  • Public and private daycare, elementary, and secondary schools within 1/​8th of a mile from Colonial’s right of way
  • Public safety organizations such as fire departments and local emergency response entities

Donation Request

To make a public donation request, complete the vendor form and W9 available at this link.


Complete the Public Donation Request form and attach documents from step one at the below link.