Pipeline Services

Colonial is more than a pipeline – we provide energy logistics and solutions to our shippers and customers. We also offer system storage (tank leasing services), Intra Harbor Transfer (IHT) service, exchange, title transfer and other support services. Through it all, regardless of the service, our goal remains the same — helping our shippers safely and efficiently transport refined petroleum products to their destination

System Storage

Colonial offers short-term and long-term system storage options for its customers across the pipeline system. Both of these services provide operational flexibility to active shippers on Colonial based on availability.

Short-Term Storage

Short-term storage is designed for shippers who need temporary storage for a batch, or a portion of a batch, when their designated destination terminal is unable to accept the nominated product volume on a given cycle. In these instances, Colonial will offer the shipper short term storage based on available tank space for the product grade along the Colonial system.

Shippers need to execute a Short-Term Storage Master Services Agreement with Colonial to cover possible future short term storage needs. For additional information regarding short term storage, shippers should contact their Colonial scheduler.

Long-Term System Storage

Long-term system storage is offered for the in-transit storage of products moving via Colonial from upstream origin facilities to downstream destinations. Long-term system storage provides customers with operational flexibility as well as the ability to store product during periods of advantageous market conditions. Availability for this service is based upon product grade, volume, location (upstream or downstream), duration and contractual agreement.

For questions regarding long-term system storage, please contact Commercial Affairs at: [email protected].

Intra Harbor Transfer (IHT)

Colonial Pipeline Company offers a petroleum products transfer service at its Linden Junction facility near New York Harbor. This operation, known as the Intra Harbor Transfer (IHT) Service, offers direct outbound pipeline connections from several terminals to more than 20 Colonial-connected delivery points in the New York Harbor, including multiple links to Buckeye Pipe Line. The terminals include: Kinder Morgan Carteret, Kinder Morgan Perth Amboy, Buckeye Port Reading, Buckeye Perth Amboy, Shell Sewaren, and Buckeye Raritan Bay.

As the central distribution hub for moving petroleum products throughout the eastern United States, New York Harbor demands efficiency and the ability to transport multiple products to multiple locations within a congested area. The IHT Service offers a creative solution for bulk liquid transport and is a joint operation between Colonial Pipeline and the terminals listed above. 

Colonial announced to its shippers in March 2020 that IHT service can now support transport of segregated batches. Customers can transfer segregated products, such as gasoline components, while having increased flexibility for the timing of shipments. In addition, Colonial recently completed manifold improvements that enable the conversion of all delivery lines to bi-directional service. Colonial plans to work with terminals and shippers to expand the service to additional lines, based on interest.

For additional information regarding the IHT service, contact your Colonial scheduler.

Product Regrades

Colonial’s shippers may need to re-grade a product they are shipping on the Colonial system based on market demand, availability, or the needs of their customers. A shipper may request re-grading of batches for any batch within Colonial’s custody. Re-grades that are completed at the shipper’s request are subject to a fee based on a per barrel assessment. Re-grade requests are handled by the Colonial Schedulers. 

Barge Dock

Access to load or unload barrels acrossthe Baton Rouge Barge Dock is available through Energy Logistics Solutions LLC (“ELS”). To obtain access to the Baton Rouge Barge Dock please send an e‑mail to [email protected].