If you accidentally strike a Colonial pipeline while digging, it is important to immediately report the damage to Colonial — even if you don’t cause a leak.

Damage to pipeline of any kind, including damage to pipeline coatings, nicks, gouges, and scrapes can all compromise the integrity of the pipeline and result in a future leak. 

  • NEVER cover over a pipeline that has surface damage. 
  • Immediately report any damage by calling Colonial’s emergency phone number at 1 – 800-926‑2728.
  • Colonial will send a representative out to evaluate the extent of the damage and to develop a repair/​replacement plan.

If you do strike a Colonial line and cause a leak, immediately CALL 911 to report the emergency to local first responders. Then CALL COLONIAL at 1 – 800-926‑2728.

Follow the safe reporting guidelines under Recognizing & Responding to Pipeline Emergencies to maintain your safety and that of your employees.