Environmental Responsibility

Protecting the environment is a key priority and commitment of Colonial Pipeline Company. Pipelines are among the safest, most efficient and most environmentally responsible methods for transporting refined energy products. We empower all employees and contractors to stop, correct, and report any unsafe conditions that jeopardize the environment. We live and work among the beautiful landscapes of this nation – and provide energy for its enjoyment. This is why protecting the planet is our duty.

Environmental Commitment

Colonial Pipeline Company is committed to business practices that protect the environment and public at all times. We hold all of our employees to the highest standards and expect they abide by our environmental commitment. 

We pledge to:

  • Consistently operate in an environmentally responsible manner and strive to meet or exceed all applicable environmental laws and regulations. We will monitor our performance and take appropriate corrective actions, if necessary. 
  • Maintain a state of readiness for effective spill response to minimize environmental damage and potential threats to public safety if an event occurs. 
  • Minimize waste generation through source reduction and recycling. All wastes will be handled using safe and responsible methods per applicable standards. 
  • Employ pollution prevention measures to minimize any potential adverse environmental impacts of our operations. 
  • Promote open dialogue with regulatory agencies and communities about our environmental program and seek cooperative solutions to environmental issues. Also, train employees to abide by all relevant regulations and the highest safety standards. 
  • Evaluate our environmental efforts and use the findings to maintain peak performance. 

Colonial believes that these commitments provide the cornerstones for responsible environmental stewardship, and we pledge to follow them.

Protecting the Environment

The company’s commitment to the environment includes partnering with conservation groups across the pipeline system to promote their efforts to protect and restore local habitats. Our support includes both volunteer efforts and financial sponsorships. Through the Colonial Cares program, we provide more than 1,400 volunteer hours annually to projects such as river cleanups, tree plantings, and park restoration projects.