You’ve been farming your property for years and you know the lay of the land. But do you know the depth of underground utilities on your property? Can you be sure that farming activities will not damage underground lines? Don’t take any chances. Please call 811 for any activity that will involve disturbing the earth at a depth of greater than 12 inches.

During installation, pipelines are buried with adequate soil cover. But over time, erosion, continued grading of soil, or other land contour changes can reduce the cover to a matter of inches, exposing you and your workers to danger, should you strike a pressurized refined liquid petroleum products line.

Some typical farm activities that can damage underground pipelines include:

  • Deep plowing 
  • Drain tile installation or repair 
  • Cleaning drainage culverts or creeks 
  • Construction of a pond or well 
  • Installation of fence posts 
  • Sub-soiling 
  • Tree and stump removal 

It took you years to build your farm. Don’t risk a pipeline emergency by failing to take the precautions necessary to keep it safe. Follow the links below to learn more about pipeline safety best practices:

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