Protecting the Pipeline Right of Way

The pipeline right of way (ROW) is the area on top and on either side of the pipeline that landowners share with Colonial Pipeline. An easement agreement, which was negotiated at the time the pipeline was installed, defines the ROW width and gives Colonial the right to bury, maintain, and retain access to the pipeline on landowners’ property for general maintenance and repair. Landowners can obtain a copy of their easement from their local county courthouse, or can contact Colonial’s ROW Records Department at [email protected] with property-related questions.

Many activities are allowed on the pipeline right of way. But there are also usage restrictions to ensure owner safety and the safety of the surrounding community. For example, no permanent structures such as buildings, sheds, decks, patios, etc., are allowed on the ROW. These items can restrict access and increase the weight on the line. No trees may be planted on the right of way. Trees can obscure visual access from Colonial patrol planes that fly the pipeline ROW each week, looking for evidence of damage or leaks. A complete listing of ROW safety dos” and don’ts” is available in the downloadable document, About Your Easement.

Occasionally, Colonial may need to access a landowner’s property to inspect or maintain our pipeline. Mowing and clearing crews are also dispatched on an annual basis to keep the ROW clear. Colonial will make a reasonable effort to notify landowners by mail or in person prior to access for all scheduled maintenance. If work is unscheduled, we will attempt to contact the landowner at the time of entry. If a landowner is not at home, a message will be left on the door with details about the type of activity that was performed, as well as the contact information for the Colonial representative responsible for the work.

ROW Watch Reward Program

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