Colonial’s ROW Watch Reward Program

Landowners and neighbors are additional eyes and ears along the pipeline system, adding an extra layer of defense as we work to protect people and the environment. As nearby residents, you are in a front line position to help your community and recognize unsafe conditions, threatening activities, or changes along the pipeline as they develop. 

Landowners and neighbors can help identify unsafe conditions such as:

  • Unauthorized digging on the pipeline easement by hand or mechanical means (e.g., installation of trenches, drainage ditches , construction activities, planting trees, installing mailboxes, etc.)
  • Fence or sprinkler installation on or across the right of way (ROW)
  • Landscaping on or near the right of way, especially activities that require digging at a depth of more than 12 inches
  • Parking or moving heavy equipment across or on the easement
  • Construction/​placement of permanent structures on the right of way such as buildings, decks, sheds, or patios
  • Fires (including bonfires or trash burning) on the easement

Suspicious Activities:

  • Individuals taking pictures of pipeline facilities or equipment
  • Unfamiliar vehicles/​individuals parked near the pipeline easement

Environmental Conditions:

  • Evidence of sinkholes or other erosion that expose the pipeline
  • Storm damage that may threaten pipeline integrity, such as flooded easements or large trees that have fallen on the ROW 

You can help keep your community safe by alerting us of potential problems before they become pipeline emergencies. And by being a good neighbor, you can earn a reward as part of Colonial’s Right-of-Way Watch Reward Program.

How It works:

  • If you spot a situation on the ROW that could affect Colonial’s safe operation, call Colonial at 1 – 800-926‑2728 and provide details about your observation.
  • Colonial will dispatch an inspector to investigate the situation.
  • If your report helps to mitigate or avoid a pipeline emergency, you will be notified that you qualify for a ROW Watch Reward.
  • The entire program, including requirements and restrictions, is described in detail in the ROW Watch Reward Program brochure. The ROW Watch Reward Program only applies if you identify a situation that helps to avert a pipeline emergency.

For additional information on emergency actions, see Recognizing and Responding to Pipeline Emergencies.