We pride ourselves on the family and neighborly atmosphere that we enjoy within Colonial and with the communities located along Colonial’s 5,500-mile pipeline system, as well. We want to be a responsive and responsible corporate citizen who is viewed as a partner in your community. When it comes to our commitment to the environment, we don’t just talk the talk. We walk the walk. The map and list below detail how we partner with conservation groups across the pipeline system to promote their efforts to protect and restore local habitats. Our support includes both volunteer projects and financial sponsorships. Through the Colonial Cares program, our employees serve on projects such as river cleanups, clearing trails, planting trees, installing or repairing structures, and wrangling invasive species. 

Colonial employees take great pride in their community involvement and welcome the opportunity to help out whenever they can, whether through donations or direct participation. 

Our Conservation Group Partners

We maintain an open dialogue with our partners to teach them the importance of our pipeline and its role in our country’s energy infrastructure. It also allows us to collaborate on best practices in our operations, projects, and emergency response planning to ensure we protect the environment. This external stakeholder engagement is an element of the Safety Management System (SMS) and is critical to reducing risk and creating long term value for the company. #ColonialCares

To contact Colonial Pipeline about community involvement, please email us at: [email protected]