Shipper Manual and Tariffs

Shipper Manual and Tariffs 

The Shipper Manual provides detailed information for Colonial’s shippers, supplier/​consignees, and tankage parties on the aspects of shipping product via the Colonial system. The Manual is comprised of five sections: System Map, Informational Topics, Product Specification, Quality Assurance, and Tariffs. Please visit each section below for more information.

Section 1: Colonial Pipeline System Map

Colonial Pipeline Company connect refineries — primarily located in the Gulf Coast — with customers and markets through the Southern and Eastern United States through a pipeline system that spans more than 5,500 miles. 

Section 2: Informational Topics Operations Guide

Informational Topics provides information on what Colonial refers to as the nominations to delivery process. It also serves as an overview of the roles and responsibilities for Colonial’s customers. 

Section 3: Product Specifications

This section provides codes for products that are handled on both a segregated and common-stream (fungible) basis. It also addresses product specifications, including proper and prohibited additives. The PTD language for the products we ship is also found in this section.

Section 4: Quality Assurance

The testing of product from origin to delivery is part of Colonial’s Quality Assurance process. This section provides an overview of the specification information, handling procedures, and seasonal requirements Colonial follows to protect the quality of product scheduled on Colonial’s system.

Adhering to product specification requirements minimizes interface mixing and protects the integrity of product during shipping. 

Movement of certain product grades during seasonal transitions are controlled based on volumes and available tank capacity as noted in the Current Year RVP Calendar. Shipper Bulletins are distributed to communicate any changes to this schedule.

Section 5: Tariffs

Shippers are charged a fee, also known as a Local Rate Tariff, to transport their product on the Colonial Pipeline system. Every shipper is billed according to the same rate, based on the origination and destination location. 

As a common carrier, Colonial determines the services provided and the terms and conditions that govern the transportation of petroleum products on our system. It is the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s (FERC) role to ensure the rules established by common carriers are fair and equitable. These are referred to as Colonial’s Rules and Regulations Tariff.

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