When Colonial was built over 50 years ago, most of our pipelines passed through largely undeveloped areas. But with population growth and expansion over the years, Colonial pipelines can now be found in many communities and populated areas.

If you’re a public official in one of the communities through which our pipeline passes, you have a vested interest in understanding Colonial’s presence and what the company does to protect the pipeline. The more you know about pipeline safety, the better you can manage decisions for your community.

Follow the links below to learn how your community can be Pipeline Smart”and Pipeline Safe.”

Considerations for Public Officials

  • Has your community established zoning restrictions for land development near pipelines?
  • Does your permitting process promote calling 811 before digging?
  • Have you identified local places of congregation that could be impacted by a pipeline event?
  • Do local Emergency Plans include response/​evacuation measures to address pipeline emergencies?

To contact Colonial with a question orcomment please email us at [email protected].

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