Prospective Shippers

Colonial’s customers include shippers of many business types, but all requests to become a shipper on the Colonial system follow a five-step process. 

Step 1: Submit Completed Application

If you are new to the Colonial system, or a returning shipper, please complete the Prospective Shipper Application, and send to: [email protected]. Colonial is unable to begin processing your request until a complete prospective shipper packet is received. Please do not send documentation in a piecemeal fashion.

Step 2: Colonial Reviews Application

The Colonial Credit team will review your application and notify you if additional information is needed. If the application is complete, the Colonial Credit team will notify you via email. Please note: Colonial Credit reviews credit applications in the order completed by the shipper. 

Step 3: Credit Review

The credit review takes approximately six to eight weeks. Additional information on Colonial’s credit policy can be found in Section 2 of the Shipper Manual, available here. When the credit review is complete, Colonial will notify you of the credit terms (i.e., whether you need to provide a credit instrument and, if so, the amount). 

Step 4: Credit Approval

Once you have met the credit terms, Colonial’s Credit team will confirm the credit review process is complete via email and copy the Shipper Relations team. During this stage, the shipper is being added to Colonial’s nomination systems and in Transport4 (T4).

Step 5: First Eligible Shipping Cycle Confirmation

Shippers will receive an email notification signifying the completion of the process and approval confirmation. This communication includes the shipper code and the date of the first eligible shipping cycle. The first eligible shipping cycle will be no sooner than the first cycle of the month following six weeks after the credit approval is granted. Any questions related to set-up process and the mechanics of shipping can be sent to: [email protected]. If you currently ship on any Colonial segment and want to request additional line segments, please email your request to: [email protected]. You will be notified if additional documentation is required.