It is critically important that excavation near Colonial’s pipelines be conducted according to the highest safety standards because of the risk involved. Damaging a pipeline or underground utilities can cause harm to yourself, result in significant property damage, and can even subject you to fines and penalties. Don’t take risks. Always call 811 before you dig. If you are excavating near a Colonial line, it is essential that you review the information and guidelines for excavators included below:

  • DO NOT begin any excavation near a Colonial pipeline until a Colonial representative has been to the job site to mark the line and discuss any safety concerns. A Colonial representative must be on site during excavation activities.
  • Use hand excavation for all digging within two feet of the pipeline.
  • Position excavation equipment a minimum of three feet from the edge of the excavation.
  • Dig on the near side” of the pipeline; DO NOT reach over” the pipeline to excavate.
  • DO NOT park any heavy equipment on the pipeline or move heavy loads across the pipeline without first contacting Colonial. You may be required to install mats, timber bridges, or other protective materials over the pipeline to more evenly distribute the weight.
  • DO NOT install roads, streets, or driveways across the pipeline without first contacting Colonial. An engineering analysis and encroachment agreement are required for any pipeline crossings.
  • DO NOT place fill or perform sub-grading or grading over the pipeline unless approved by Colonial.
  • DO NOT blast, drill, bore, or pile drive in the vicinity of the pipeline without first contacting Colonial.