Certificates of Analysis

Certificates of Analysis

Welcome to the new Quality Management System (QMS) page. Our goal is to introduce you to Colonial Pipeline’s new Certificate of Analysis (COA) procedures which are designed to enhance customer experience and streamline product documentation. In the videos below, you will learn how to navigate the forms and how to input information. 

If you have questions, please contact [email protected].

COA Form Submission- From Start to Finish

Task Specific Video Learning Guides:

Setting up the COA Form

Entering COA Header Data

How to enter the COA header data information

Entering Bach COA Data

How to enter the COA data into the COA submittal form

Waivers, Partial Data and Changes

How to submit waivers, partial COAs and corrections to a previously submitted COA.

Submitting the COA

Process for submitting the COA submittal form to Colonial’s QMS

COA Job Aid

New Certificate of Analysis Forms

These forms allow suppliers to enter their COA results directly into the QMS by uploading a standard form. If you would prefer to complete the COA submittal form manually, you can request a current copy directly from the Colonial Pipeline Quality Assurance team at [email protected].

We appreciate your continued support as we implement our new QMS. Colonial is committed to serving you, our customers, and transporting your refined products safely and reliably.

Please contact the QMS Implementation Team at [email protected] with any questions.