Government Relations

Community Relations and Awareness

Underground pipelines are largely hidden from sight, but Colonial understands the importance of having a visible presence in the communities we serve. We believe in engaging with government leaders — from local public officials to state and federal elected representatives — to share information about our pipelines. We know that developing good working relationships creates safer communities.


Because safety is our priority, we share information about pipeline safety and enlist the cooperation of local communities in keeping our underground lines safe. But, safety requires a two-way conversation. Colonial also needs to understand the energy needs, development plans, and unique characteristics of neighboring communities. We want to answer questions, hear concerns, and solve problems together. Achieving an active dialogue takes many forms, including:

  • Maintaining an active presence on social media by posting news, information and reminders about pipeline safety and outreach efforts
  • Hosting in-person meetings and drills with emergency responders to develop and maintain emergency preparedness
  • Identifying community needs and contributing to charitable organizations in priority areas of environmental protection, public safety, and education
  • Soliciting stakeholder feedback to assess their understanding of pipeline safety and to understand needs and perceptions


From attending city council meetings to scheduling time with state representatives and regulators, we strive to share information and experience about our pipeline with state governments. We provide feedback on proposed legislation affecting the pipeline industry and work collaboratively to advance emergency preparedness through collaboration with state emergency management. We also recognize the importance of understanding the energy needs of the states through which we pass. Our efforts include: 

  • Participating in state study groups to assess pipeline issues
  • Hosting state regulator and elected official tours of our facilities to demonstrate how our operations support our commitment to safety and the environment
  • Participating in state petroleum and energy policy councils
  • Hosting pipeline emergency response drills and exercises


Colonial complies with all federal laws to meet or exceed safety standards. We know that safety demands a commitment to continuous improvement, and that regulatory authorities and government officials need to understand our efforts to improve safety and reduce risk. We do that by:

  • Working with industry peers through trade associations like API (American Petroleum Institute) and AOPL (Association of Oil Pipelines) to research new technology and best practices
  • Meeting with senate and congressional representatives in the areas we operate
  • Engaging with regulators to better understand the laws and controls that govern our operations
  • Providing input on proposed regulations 
  • Conducting federal government agency tours of our pipeline facilities
  • Sharing information about pipeline issues and trends in performance

For more information about Colonial’s outreach efforts, visit our Donations page

To learn more about pipeline safety for public officials and other stakeholders, visit Community Safety – Public Officials