Locating Colonial Pipelines Near You

Locating Colonial Pipelines Near You

Because most pipelines, like Colonial’s, are buried underground, they may seem invisible. Actually, they are clearly marked by federally required pipeline markers. 

Colonial posts easy-to-spot yellow, black, and red markers along the pipeline route to show the approximate location of the pipeline. Markers are also posted at all locations where pipelines pass beneath roads, rivers, streams, and railroad tracks. 

These markers identify Colonial Pipeline as the operator, list the product being transported, and display Colonial’s 247 emergency phone number. 

It is a federal offense to move, remove, or deface any pipeline marker. While markers show the approximate location of the pipeline, their placement within the easement does not show the exact location. To identify the exact location of a pipeline before digging, always call 811 to have your lines located and marked. The service is free.

You can also view the approximate location of transmission pipelines and obtain contact information for pipeline operators in your area by visiting the National Pipeline Mapping System (NPMS).