Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

The world is changing every day, and Colonial Pipeline is changing with it. Our digital transformation at Colonial is well underway. We’re creating a business that moves faster and delivers product through increased automation, resulting in greater accuracy and efficiency. As leaders in the pipeline industry we are committed to leveraging the latest technologies in our business while remaining laser-focused on safety.

Facilities Controls Modernization

Colonial Pipeline transports 100 million gallons of products a day and maintains more than 280 facilities along the system. And we’re doing it like we’ve never done it before. We’re modernizing our control systems for consistency between facilities, and we’re changing the way our operators operate. Evolving from a mechanical environment into the digital world, our operators have the latest technology at their fingertips to monitor, control, and adjust product flows for safety and efficiency. 

Colonial operators are also leveraging computerized technology to monitor pressures, pump operating status, and valve positions — 247, 365 days a year. These modernizations enable operators to make better and more knowledgeable decisions to optimize our pipeline.


Colonial initiated marine operations with Project Neptune, which involved the acquisition of a marine terminal in Port Arthur, Texas, and the creation of Colonial Terminal Logistics (CTL), the wholly owned subsidiary Colonial created for its marine ventures. This was more than a business move. It was a technology move. We were, literally, venturing into new waters. After all, operating a marine export facility required us to expand our technologies and capabilities. By harnessing cutting edge innovations to adapt to the marine business, we’re also increasing our company’s footprint.

Solar Energy

The sun has infinite energy, and Colonial Pipeline is coming up with innovative ways to team up with Mother Nature to use that energy. We have installed solar farms at two facilities in New Jersey. The solar farms are technologies that enable us to leverage renewables for power, which is one of our largest costs. The farms are attached to electrical power substations that feed our facilities and also tie into the existing electric utility grid. Ultimately, we can reduce our costs by leveraging solar energy as opposed to buying power off the grid every minute of every day. This is another example of Colonial’s cutting-edge mindset.